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This magnificent tour of Nepal comprises 14 days of adrenaline-pumping action through dramatic scenery as we take you on a triangular journey trough this magical country.

It is a top rate circuit of Nepal which has been pioneered after extensive mountain bike exploration.
Starting in Katmandu, we explore this fascinate hub of culture and its medieval market squares, narrow lanes and hundreds of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples.
The next leg of our journey takes us to one of Asia's premium wildlife reserves. The wild and mysterious Chitwan National park is home to the royal Bengal Tiger, the one-horned rhino and many other fascinating species, including several hundred birds. Over the next two days, we explore the jungle by two wheels and on foot ( or on elephant ), and in the evenings we relax in beautiful surroundings as the sun sets over the plains of India.
We then head north where we will ride some of the most exciting downhill terrain in the Himalayans, both off-road and on challenging single-track. We fly you into the heart of the majestic Annapurna range and spend three days tumbling down through breathtaking scenery, ancient cultures and charming villages. Life in these mountain villages has changed little over the centuries, and we will experience kaleidoscopes of colors, sights and smells as we descend from the barren environment of the Himalayan rain shadow into the lush lowland of the Pokhara valley and many of its superb downhill for a day before returning to Kathmandu to catch your flight home.



Mountain bike is about freedom so we have keep that in mind when we organize our trip ( always 2 guides ) and for that the program of each day is vey flexible in function of the level, form and mood of each participants...


Take a deep breath as you fly into Tribhuvan airport. You get a glimpse of what is to follow as you skirt the northen and peer down on an endless chain of White peaks. The Himalays stretch over 2000 miles from Afghanistan in the west to Assam in eastern India. On a clear day, flying into KAthmandu is an unforgettable experience.

After your arraving, you will be taken by minibus to your hotel, on the way to the airoport, we pass through of small shanty district. For many this is an experience in itself as the first sights ans smells of the city take hold of you.


For our first opportunity to get on the bikes we will give you the choice of the ride, a multitude of possiblities and with sure some beautiful ancient temples hidden between singletrack
Second day :
There is a wealth of sites of special interest on this route, including the Changu Narayan temple - a world Heritage site. This Hindu temple was build around the 4th century and is dedicated to 'Narayan' - an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
As we clear the city limits, our track takes us through paddy fieds, and traditional villages opening up wide ranging views of the Himalayas to the north and tolling hills to the south. Our trail leads us up to Nagarkot ( 25 km ), then we finish to climb to the summit ( 30 km altitude 2200m ) of the hill to experience a long donwhill to the ancient city of Bhaktapur ( 50km ), lying on the banks of the Hanumant River this city was the capital of the valley during the 14th -16th centuries. As we enter this ancient town that is closed to traffic, we areoffered a snapshot of life in Nepal stretching bach hundreds of years. The cobbled streets and hidden squares paint of traditional life in the the Himalayans untouched by modern life. We stay overnight in Bakhtapur.
GRADING : City riding-dodging prostrating monks, bunny hopping holy cows and single-track winding climbs.


Leaving Kathmandu behind us, we take our private minibus south-west towars the flat topography of the 'Terai'. As we leave the Himalayan Foothills, we descend upon the GAngetic to plains and into Chitwan National Park. For the next two days, we have the unique opportunity to enjoy the safari experience on the wheels as we cover 70km + of the area. We ride on flat, smooth, and fast single-track through elephant grass, mud walled villages and ancient jungle. Huge hardwood Sal trees dominate the forested areas, and the reassess alone can grow up to 8 meters. As we explore the area in detail over a period od two days, we have to be good on our brakes and keep on the took-out, as there are plenty of unexpected encounters with the local people and wildlife. One horened rhino, wild elephants, crocodile and tigers lives in the area of the reserve and regularly cross our path.
In the evening we return to our jungle lodge to rest after some exhilarating riding. Here we can watch the sun set on the horizon, and as the mist descends over the PArk, we have a beer or two to round off yet another unique day. On our third day in Chitwan, we head north by minibus to Pokhara, the beautiful lakeside town nestled in the shadow three giant peaks - Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and MAnasulu, all of which are over 8,000m.
Grading : Flat smooth single track and jeep track.


Set idyllically on the shores of Lake Phewa, Pokhara lies at the foot of the Annapurna range and Its the place where our Club is located, our mountainbike' s garden... Over the next two days, we explore the diverse Pokhara valley (800m), with all its interconnecting spurs and ridges, and we are ofered a variety of riding styles in this mountainbiking Shangri-La. The riding is multi-terrain with fast single-track trough jungle, farming villages. deep gorges, raging river valleys and past tranquil lakes.
We sometimes have to give way to collections of huge water-buffalo ambling along the past, and the occasional tipsy local making his way home from a wedding ceremony. In the evenings, we stay in our comfortable lakeside hotel, and enjoy the chilled out ambiance of this adventure' s paradise, whether milling about in the bars and restaurants or out on the lake itself for spectacular views of LAke Phewa reflecting Machapuchare' s 'fish-tail' peak in the evening light. Pokhara is the antithesis of the bustle of Kathmandu, and is the perfect tonic before heading off into the big mountain on the next lag of our trip.

Grading ; Multi-terrain-technical riding- steep downhill


We take an early morning flight into the heart of the Himalas, landing at a remote airstrip in the village of Jomsom ( 2800m). Although only half an hour in flying time from Pokhara, we are transported into a different worl. At 6km deep, the Kali Gandaki valley dissects the Himalaya. It has been an ancient salt trading route connecting the Indian subcontinent with the Tibetan plateau for hundreds of years.
Getting off the plane, the lunar landscape in Jomsom is in stark contrast to the verdant Pokhara valley. For the next three days, we descend 2000m and ride 110 km through a diverse range of climates, topography, culture, religions and communities. This is rugged terrain with about 90% of the time spent in the saddle. There is no support vehicle for this leg of the tour ( we will have porter for carring extra clothes...). The riding is technical, and at times demanding as we steer round boulders, under rock cornices, trough tight passes and over suspension bridges perched hundreds of feet above the Gandaki river. As we pass between Dhaulagiri (8167m) and Annapurna (8091m) we are 6,000m deep in the gorge - a truly unforgettable experience.
The ethnic make-up, and hence the type of lodge accomadation and food availabe on route, shifts as we head south. In Jomsom, much of the local community is Tibatan origin, and as we drop down into the tree line and beyond into the bassin of the Pokhara valley, the round Tibetan features give way to the more angular Ando-Aryan features of the Indian subcontinent.
GRADING : mountain trails - steep technical

DAY 12 & 13 :

Upon return to Pokhara,
we can continue to explore the region by bike, or we can indulge in a range of other activities such as rafting or paraglading.

DAY 14 :

Return flight from KAthmandu
The transfer from Pokhara to Kathmandu ( by plane ) will be the day 13 afternoon or day 14 morning depends of the return flight time.

Optional : Commencal full suspension bikes Meta 4 or 5 for rent

MOUNTAINBIKE check list :

In genral, try to keep the weight and bulk to a minimum by bringing clothes made from lightweight materail. Don't pack to much clothing, a few changes will be all you need. As 'Cross country Nepal' traverses the three main topographical zones of Nepal ( the high mountains, the mid-hills and the Gangetic plain ), you will experience many different climatic zones on the trip, and should be prepared for both hot daytime conditions and subzero nighttime conditions. Whilst we recommend that you bring your own bike with you, we have a number of Commencal for hire and that could be an occasion to try a new model ( we have all time few new high level bikes on test ).

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